Keys, Points & $PHONE

What are "Keys"?

  • "Keys" refer to In-app "currency" used to open treasure boxes. The treasure boxes offer users a variety of rewards like keys and points that can be exchanged for token airdrops, giving players exciting incentives as they engage with the games.

  • Keys are spent each time you open a box in-app. Your keys can be stolen by others if you don't play for 36 hours

How to earn Keys?

  • Successfully binding an invite code, you will receive 10 keys as an one-time reward.

  • By purchasing an annual card, you will earn 100 keys.

  • Activate a trial card and receive 10 keys; After valid activation, you will receive 10 keys for 6 consecutive days.

  • Steal keys from other users in-game

  • Daily key rewards, only applicable to annual card users

How are Daily Key Rewards calculated?

  • (Aphone cloud phone remaining months rounded up* 10) + (NFT quantity * 36) + (SBT quantity * 60)

How will Keys be stolen from users after inactivity?

  • Keys can be stolen if the last activity was more than 36 hours ago

  • Valid activities: purchasing a card, opening a box

For example, if a user has 500 Keys and has not logged into the dApp for over 36 hours, the first time they can be stolen from, the maximum loss is 100 Keys. After losing 100 Keys, there is a 36 hour protection period. If after 36 hours they still have not logged in, the second time they can be stolen from, the maximum loss is 80 Keys. After losing 80 Keys, there is another 36 hour protection period, and so on, until the user's Keys are below 5, at which point they cannot be further stolen from.

If a user persists in taking action daily - purchasing a card, opening a box - they will gain a 36 hour protection period each time, during which they cannot be stolen from.

What are Points?

Points can be converted into $PHONE tokens.

How to earn points?

  • Open treasure boxes

How much $PHONE can I get in the Season 1 airdrop?

  1. After each season ends, the ratio of points to $PHONE tokens will be determined based on total user points and the airdrop token supply.

  2. Users can calculate their airdrop amount by multiplying their own points by the ratio.

During this period, if 643,823,123,483 Points were generated in total. The corresponding ratio would be 1 $PHONE = 30.66 Points. Therefore, for the first airdrop, a total of 21,000,000,000 $PHONE will be distributed.

If a user has 100,000 Points at the end of this period, then the user can exchange up to 100,000 / 30.66 = 3,261.5786 $PHONE.

Users can choose not to convert their points for now, and wait until the second season instead. In the second season, it is possible that the same amount of Points could be converted into more $PHONE tokens than season 1.

Can points be transferred?

  • No, neither users nor the Aphone team can transfer a user's points.

  • Points will only decrease when converted into tokens, and there will be records of this (Users can click the Points icon on the game page to see records).

Top users on the leaderboard hold an insane number of points. And I can't earn many points from the games. Is it still worth participating?

  • Points from the first season can be exchanged for tokens in the second or third periods. 100 points in the first period may equal 10 $PHONE tokens, but 100 points in the second season could be for 50 $PHONE tokens.

  • In the games, you will also have a chance to directly win $PHONE rewards, which will be airdropped to you at the end of the period (functionality still being finalized).

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