Referral Program

Aphone's referral program is designed to deliver a gamified experience to earn with your network while enjoying the decentralized cloud-based smartphones.

  • Inviters earn “Key” rewards when invited users purchase annual cards:

    • Direct invite: 16%

    • 2nd-degree invite: 8%

  • For every friend you refer, you will receive 16% of their keys, for every friend that your referral refers, you will receive 8% of their keys!

What is an "Invite Code"?

Invite codes are the only way to enter APhone.

How to get Invite Codes?

  • Each 1-Year Pass (NFT) rewards 3 invitation codes.

    • 1 1-Year Pass = 3 invitation codes.

  • The invitee purchases 1-Year Pass (NFT) to reward the inviter 1 invitation code.

    • 1 1-Year Pass = 1 invitation code.

If Alice invites Bob, and Bob purchases 3 annual cards, then:

Alice will receive 3 invitation codes (Bob's number of purchased annual cards * 1)

Bob will receive 9 invitation codes (Bob's number of purchased annual cards * 3)

How to share Invite Codes?

User Center (Tab 3) → Invitation Code → Copy → Share

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